How to Compress PDF

Reduce PDF file size online is a free online PDF compressor, using this you can reduce the PDF file size with 3 levels of compression. Below we can see detailed instructions on how to compress a PDF file or make a PDF smaller.

Today, Banks, Utility companies and even governments are moving towards digital platform. This is making PDF files more common and important.

Any information say your utility bill, credit card statement or your bank statement make use of PDF files.

In our everyday life we come across dealing with sending and receiving large amount of information and images. The PDF files generated by Adobe Acrobat becomes big and difficult to share through emails, Whatsapp etc. For example Gmail is one of the most popular free mail service used by everyone across the globe. It limits the size of PDF file to 20MB that can be sent through email.

In addition to this, if my PDF file is bigger than 20 MB i will have to use a third party file host like Google drive, Dropbox, one drive to store this and then send the link to this file through email. The receive will then have to download from the file host. This is waste of time, resources and is a security concern.

how to compress pdf

So, How to compress a PDF file?

  • Step 1 : Open and select compress pdf from the list of options.
  • Step 2 : Depending on the requirement you can select 'low compression', medium compression or 'high compression' option to compress PDF.
  • Step 4 : In most cases, Medium compression works well in reducing the PDF on the button 'Compress PDF'.
  • Step 5 : Within a few seconds your compressed PDF file is ready to download and also giving you additional information of the original PDF file size and the PDF file size after compressing or reducing the pdf file size.

Compress PDF Frequently asked Questions