Choose PDF file to remove password

Enter PDF open password (if any)

How to remove PDF password

  • Step 1: Choose the password protected PDF document or file from your computer/laptop/mobile and upload it.
  • Step 2: Enter the pdf password if your pdf file requires a password to open it else you can leave it blank.
  • Step 3: Click Unlock PDF
  • Step 4: The processing will start immediately and you will see a download pdf file without password button
  • Step 5: Click on it to download the unsecured pdf file without password.

remove password from protected pdf files


How long does it take to Unlock PDF Online?

All PDF files are immediately unlocked within few seconds using sugpdf online pdf unlocker, removing all the restrictions. In rare cases, depending on the file size it could take a bit longer to remove the password protected restrictions from pdf files.

Data Security of files uploaded?

Every time you upload a pdf document, a 256 bit encrypted line is utilized to transfer your file. We do not store any passwords provided by you and the unlocked pdf file will be temporarily available for 2 hours. After we remove the password from the pdf files, they are automatically removed after 2 hours. So, you need not worry about unauthorized access of any confidential data.

Do I need to have windows computer to use the free pdf password remover tool?

No, Sugpdf is an online pdf password remover web service that can work on all devices with any operating system such as windows, Mac, android, ios or Linux etc.

Can I remove pdf password online for files which ask for password to open?

If you have a password protected pdf file with just owner password, you can easily unlock pdf online allowing you to print and copy the content. In cases, where the pdf file is protected with a document open password (password prompt each time you open the pdf file), you will have to provide the correct password for the PDF document open password only once to permanently remove password protection from the pdf file.

Is it easy to use sugpdf to remove password from pdf?

With sugpdf(free pdf password remover online) you can remove password from any pdf file in just 3 simple steps. All you need to do is
> Browse and choose the pdf file from your computer, mobile phone or tablet.
> Enter the password to open the pdf file (if required).
> Click on unlock pdf.
Within few seconds you will see a button to download the pdf file without password.

Do I need to install app or software to remove password from pdf online?

Sugpdf is a browser based pdf password unlocker, all the processing takes place in the cloud. No software or app is required to be installed in order to use this service to password from your pdf files.